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The pump and valve industry opens the road of e-commerce, breaking the tradition

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With the rapid development of social economy, traditional sales can no longer meet the trend of today's social development, and network marketing has become the new darling, leading the new trend of sales development. The pump and valve industry is also changing its thinking in the fierce competition of the industry, and the Internet has begun to transform the sales structure.

The pump and valve industry opens the road of e-commerce, breaking the traditional marketing model

The pump and valve industry is a large industrial group. It plays an important role in the construction of the national economy and is closely related to the life of the people. In the case of fierce competition in the industry, it is also a good change to change the way of thinking from the Internet.

With the rapid development of social economy, traditional sales can no longer meet the trend of today's social development, and network marketing has become the new darling, leading the new trend of sales development. The rapid development of China's IT directly illustrates the rapid development of e-commerce. At the moment, some well-known e-commerce platforms are fiercely competitive: Recently, the strong bidding of Jingdong Mall and Suning has opened up a new round of market disputes among Chinese e-commerce companies. Is it hype or fierce?

If you want to speed up, you can't reach it: the pump and valve e-commerce is struggling to stand on the road. From the perspective of consumers, we only care about: the cost-effectiveness of the things we buy, the service attitude of the merchants is good, and the choice is wide. If every business is standing at this angle to improve their competitiveness, then the ultimate benefit will be our consumers.

The e-commerce platform of today's society is not only the exclusive venue of the business, but also the gathering base of our consumers. As we all know, Taobao is such a reciprocal e-commerce platform for merchants and buyers, it is more inclined to self-employed. Now Taobao's service scope has been extended to all aspects of life and production, fully embodies its humanized interaction. E-commerce is all-encompassing, and its classification is very broad.

Below, we discuss the pump valve e-commerce. For the pump valve, I believe everyone is familiar. At present, the domestic pump and valve industry development trend is good, according to reports: China Valve's quarterly revenue of 42 million US dollars, an increase of 56.6%; gross profit of 17.5 million US dollars; an increase of 26.3%; net profit of 7.6 million US dollars, equivalent to Earnings were 21 cents; the same period last year was $6.6 million, and earnings per share were 19 cents.

It can be seen from the above data that China's pump and valve enterprises are currently in a rapid development trend. Many pump and valve companies are expanding their business scales intensively, and want to attract more talents in the industry. At the same time, many group companies All want to enter the pump and valve industry to create more value in the industry chain. The resulting talent gap is becoming more and more serious, and many pump and valve companies are in urgent need of senior and middle-level talents.

It is reported that many companies currently have a large number of recruitment needs for R&D engineers, process engineers, production management, and sales engineers. Through the analysis of the percentage of talents in various regions of the industry: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other surrounding areas are relatively concentrated in the industry (the migration intention is not strong), resulting in difficulties in recruiting talents in other regions; at the same time, due to the Yangtze River Delta, etc. The enterprises and talents in the region are concentrated, and the competition for talents is also increasing. The result of corporate recruitment is still in short supply.

From various phenomena, the development of the pump and valve industry is inseparable from e-commerce. How to connect the pump valve and the e-commerce together? How to build a good pump and valve e-commerce platform? This problem is the problem that some pump valves e-commerce network continues to solve.

First of all, we need to make a detailed definition of the platform module: for each individual or merchant who comes to the platform, the feeling is that they want to find the one that they belong to, and the other is to see what they can use to generate and associate with this section. Conducive to your own information.

Then the platform information should be kept in real time: ensure the validity of the platform's information life, timely process redundant business information, and improve the platform's execution. Finally, it is necessary to ensure that users who come to the platform, whether they are individuals or businesses, can find reasons to stay here, whether it is beneficial to them, or whether they can attract their information, this is the simplest and most difficult. Because when you feel that your pump and valve e-commerce platform is perfect, there is enough information to protect, and then just wait for the user to browse and join, this is simple. But when your website users reach a certain amount, you need reasonable planning to make them harmonious, which is the most difficult. Therefore, building an e-commerce platform for the pump and valve industry requires not only users but also our market power.

China's pump valves have many difficulties in implementing e-commerce plans. In recent years, China's e-commerce has moved forward at a growth rate of no less than 40% in the context of economic downturn. Single business elements such as financing, payment, guarantee, and logistics are integrated into e-commerce to form a new business model. This kind of productivity innovation will have an influence that cannot be underestimated in the future. The network economy has stimulated the prosperity and competition of the market. It has also promoted the connection between the pump and valve manufacturing industry and e-commerce, changed the traditional marketing model, shifted the marketing focus to the Internet, tapped the market through the network marketing model, and turned the online trading opportunities to the network.

It is reported that many pump and valve manufacturing industries in the country have joined the e-commerce circle. However, relatively speaking, it is still difficult for enterprises to implement the e-commerce plan completely independently. There are still bottlenecks in manpower, resources and technology.

In response to this dilemma, pump and valve enterprises can choose the method that suits them according to the strength of their own enterprises and connect with e-commerce. First of all, we can use the network marketing training of related companies, combined with the characteristics of the pump and valve industry, to integrate various network marketing resources to better understand the development model of the e-commerce field in the pump and valve industry. Second, you can outsource through online marketing. Unfamiliar with the operation of e-commerce, not to mention the professional pump and valve enterprises can outsource the network marketing business to the professional network marketing service company.

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